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Gender, work & organization

ISSN: 1468-0432
Vydavatel: Oxford Publishing
Web: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com
Počet odebíraných výtisků: 1
Stav: od roku 2007 již neodebíráme


Gender, Work & Organization welcomes theory-driven papers or empirical papers that go beyond mere description, using data as a means of advancing, or reflecting upon theory. GWO publishes papers which are; sophisticated in theoretical, epistemological and methodological content; mature in their engagement of sociological and/or gender theory; engaged with a broad body of international scholarship and highly developed conceptually. As such, we aim to provide a forum for papers that go beyond a traditional oppositional-binary concept of gender. Papers which are underdeveloped, represent ideas in embryo or redrafted conference papers will be declined, as will papers which are purely or largely empiricist or descriptive. Paying particular attention to engagement with and contribution to theory, submissions to GWO should be original in content and style (not under review, accepted, or published elsewhere) and be not more than 9000 words. Exceptions to wordcount /length of paper may be made at the discretion of the editorial team in the case of papers reporting qualitative research.


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