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Central European journal of international & security studies

Druh: český časopis
ISSN: 1802-548X
Vydavatel: Metropolitan University Prague
Web: http://www.cejiss.org
Druh pořízení: DAR
Počet odebíraných výtisků: 1
Stav: předplaceno


The initial goal of CEJISS was to develop, and project globally, a uniquely Central European take on unfolding international and security issues. This entailed an initial “out-reach” programme to attract scholars from throughout the four Central European states – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Slovak Republic – to participate in the journal as authors and members of the Editorial and (then) Advisory Boards. By the time of the first issue however, it became clear that CEJISS was also capable of acting as a platform for non-Central European scholars to present their academic research to a more regionalised audience.


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